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What Is CRM?

Simply put, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a technology for tracking and managing all your company’s relationships with customers and potential customers.

Why Do They Exist?

They exist because they help companies like yours improve profitability. It’s as simple as that. Their intended purpose is to aid with customer acquisition and retention, and allow you to add automations into your workflow so you can:

  1. Increase sales
  2. Keep customers
  3. Waste less time on manual & menial tasks
  4. Enforce processes
  5. Increase visibility
  6. Have a single source of truth

Return On Investment (ROI)

CRM when implemented properly pays for itself. It is reported that companies get on average $9 for every $1 spent.

Somewhere along the way, CRM got really complicated

Copper (ProsperWorks) took matters into their own hands, and built a CRM that helps every user excel at their job. They have done that by eliminating painful data entry, automating time-consuming tasks, and seamlessly integrating with the tools you use daily.

December 05, 2018

Copper CEO Jon Lee

In today’s episode of Analysis Paralysis, I’ll be talking with Jon Lee, the Founder and CEO of Copper. Since it first launched back in 2013, Copper has been one of the fastest-growing customer relationship management systems on the market with over $87m in venture backing. They’re also now the #1 recommended CRM for G Suite.

Serial entrepreneur by trade, Jon started Copper (formerly ProsperWorks) to give every company tools they will actually use to help them prosper. Jon started in investment banking at Merrill Lynch, moved to run a large operations team at Yahoo, and later founded Bazaar Advertising Solutions and DNA Games, acquired by Epic Media Group and Zynga, respectively. Jon holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley and currently resides in Hillsborough, CA with his wife, two daughters and son. He's a big fan of aquariums and is known for his epic all hands speeches.

Over the course of the episode, Jon will take us through his journey of entrepreneurialism and past business ventures, offer tips on how to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise while building a business, and how to manifest destiny to achieve your goals in life.

This is an episode that I had been looking forward to recording for many months, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed conducting it!

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Let automated actions simplify your workflow

It’s a lot of work to effectively maintain and manage your book of business. Whether it’s sending calendar invites, setting follow-up tasks, updating statuses, or sending out a proposal - we automate next steps so you can focus on selling. Not only are you getting time back, you’re staying true to your process.

  • After setting up a meeting with new prospects, you can automatically assign a follow-up task
  • Opportunities moved to demo can be automatically assigned a follow-up task to the entity owner
  • Automatically assign time-based follow-up tasks to reach out when a lead or opportunity has been sitting idle for a week
Automate Inside of Copper CRM

Every communication in one centralized place

Copper (ProsperWorks) integrates with Gmail so every email, text message and file is attached to the contact. You’ll never have to find “that one” thread or remember to CC an email to keep your colleagues in the loop.

The #1 CRM for G Suite

Copper (ProsperWorks) is embedded into Gmail so you can update opportunities, add contacts, get account histories, and manage your pipeline right from your inbox. Copper (ProsperWorks) was built with Google’s material design principles so it even looks like G Suite apps. The integration is so effortless, you’re up and running in hours - not months.

Copper is Google's #1 Recommended CRM
October 03, 2018

Talking Copper (Formerly ProsperWorks CRM) with Brittany Perez

Wanting to run or work for a startup is a common goal nowadays. New companies are launched all the time, led by founders who hope to move quickly and grow fast. But as we all know, not all are successful. Why is this? Why do some succeed and others fail?

Brittany Perez, who leads the account management team at Copper, is familiar with these questions. She left a comfortable position at a well-known company (Intuit) to work at Copper, and since joining the team, they’ve grown from 28 employees to hundreds, and have raised just under $100M in venture backing.

In this episode, Brittany discusses: why she decided to leave Intuit for the risky startup space and take a chance on Copper; the difficulties female sales representatives must face in a heavily male-dominated space; and what made her fall in love with Copper after using Salesforce for most of her career.

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