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Get Ahead With What Is Already Proven & Works

This is how companies in the Home Services industry are getting ahead.

Companies in other industries are already utilizing a CRM, software, and automation to scale their businesses.

(Home Improvement/Remodeling/Construction/Painting/Roofing/Siding)

Return On Investment (ROI)

CRM when implemented properly pays for itself. It is reported that companies get on average $9 for every $1 spent.

Let automated actions simplify your workflow

It’s a lot of work to effectively maintain and manage your book of business. Whether it’s sending calendar invites, setting follow-up tasks, updating statuses, or sending out a proposal - we automate next steps so you can focus on selling. Not only are you getting time back, you’re staying true to your process.

  • After setting up a meeting with new prospects, you can automatically assign a follow-up task
  • Opportunities moved to demo can be automatically assigned a follow-up task to the entity owner
  • Automatically assign time-based follow-up tasks to reach out when a lead or opportunity has been sitting idle for a week
Automate Inside of Copper CRM

Documentation Examples

Won Opportunity

Closed A Deal With Customer

Sync Customer Data

Create Customer in Invoicing Software

Invoice Customer

Creates & Sends Invoice to Customer

Create Project

Add Customer to Project Pipeline

Simply mark an opportunity as "Won" in your CRM:

  1. Eliminate repetative data syncing between your CRM & invoicing software.
  2. Never again forget to collect a project payment.
Project Completed

Finished Project with Customer

Ask For Review

Send Email to Customer Asking for an Online Review

Delay & Check For Approval

Delay 10 Days & Check CRM for "Thank You Letter" Approval

Send Thank You

If Approved, Automatically Send Handwritten Thank You Letter to Customer

Simply mark a project as "Complete" in your CRM:

  1. Never again forget to ask your customers for an online review, the lifeblood of any business.
  2. Show your customers how much you appreciate their business by sending a handwritten thank you letter; automatically.

The #1 CRM for G Suite

Copper (ProsperWorks) is embedded into Gmail so you can update opportunities, add contacts, get account histories, and manage your pipeline right from your inbox. Copper (ProsperWorks) was built with Google’s material design principles so it even looks like G Suite apps. The integration is so effortless, you’re up and running in hours - not months.

Copper is Google's #1 Recommended CRM


Consulting + Implimentation + Integration

We paint 750 homes a year (from 1500 proposals) and have 28 total staff (painters & admin). We had some pretty good internal systems setup but were at a point where I knew things needed to change in order to provide the level of customer service I wanted for the company. Alex and the team provided excellent alternatives to our current system (based on several in-depth calls before we signed). To date, every recommendation CyberBytes made we have implemented. The admin and superintendents are thrilled with Copper. The estimator/sales side has increased our close rate from 40% to nearly 50% with the implementation of PandaDoc. This alone has paid for the services CyberBytes provides. Ongoing support is quick, thorough and well documented. I am greatly encouraged I have found a long-term solution with CyberBytes!
Brian Straka of 43North
Mike Ricker
Crash of Rhinos Painting