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The problem we're solving


Software companies used to take an all-in-one approach to building business solutions due to high startup cost due to servers and scalability. With the rise of the cloud (affordable and scalable servers), there has been a rise in Software as a Service, allowing for software companies to niche down and focus on being the best tool for the job.

This is where Copper was born, from inception, focusing on being the best CRM for companies using G Suite (Google). Through their unique partnership with Google and Google's full backing, there is no one better to take on this initiative.

The Problem

The difficulty that this introduces is that other business critical functions like document e-signature (PandaDoc), VoIP/business telephone (Dialpad), project management (Asana), invoicing (QBO), communication (Slack), and scheduling (Calendly), are a layer removed from the customer's core system (Copper).

Moving to a world where companies are using upwards of 20 different SaaS for various internal functions across their entire organization has put an immense strain on their staff. It has introduced constant context-switching, data integrity concerns, and less cross-company reporting capabilities.

Eventually, clients feel pressure to switch to an all-in-one solution like Salesforce as they understand it is the only way to solve this painpoint.

Our Solution

Part product (Automation/Integration + Maintenance) & Part Consulting

We make Copper work for you. We build automations that allow your team to speak to your other systems without leaving Copper. Our automations extensify out to all of these external tools and even report back to Copper when they need to throughout the sales/onboarding/project management processes.

You are using Copper because it does relationship management better than any other system. Why leave to an inferior all-in-one tool when you can make the one that you love work for you?

Customer Profile

Who we are best suited to work with

Company Size

SMBs doing < $10m in revenue per year (preferably $1.5m - $5m/yr)


Someone that is already using Copper and likes it, but is frustrated with the functionality that they are currently getting from the software.

One that is looking for more of an ongoing partnership relationship, where we can learn their business over time and build the solution to fit their specific needs. Someone that is looking to scale their business and understands the value in using the right tool for the job (implementing and integrating new software with Copper).


Agnostic, although we have had specific success in the home services (painting/roofing/home improvement), media publishing (advertising), and venture capital.


North America

Process & Pricing

Delivering consistent results

Needs Discovery Session [FREE]

The objective of the call is to determine if we’re a good fit for your specific needs. We have an initial screen share session to go over your existing systems and business processes, and discuss goals, automation needs, and ways to streamline operations.

Discovery Phase (Diagnosis) [$6k-$10k]

The goal of this phase is to understand the ins-and-outs of your business and to build a roadmap for streamlining and automating where possible. This includes making appropriate software and process recommendations. The deliverables are:

  1. Standardized documentation of your various processes, broken down by department
  2. Scope of work agreement for the project
  3. Estimated project timeline for implementation

Depending on how much time it takes, we may begin work on Phase 1 implementation.

Phase 1/2/3 (Project Implementation) [$4k-$20k]

Implementation of project and automations.

(Depending on how in-depth the diagnosis phase was, we sometimes put the cost of the diagnosis phase toward project implementation.)

Process Training

Work with the designated customer champion to ensure user-adoption company-wide.

Automation & Support Packages [$2k-$6k/mo]

This consists of ongoing maintenance, automation monitoring, and CRM/software/business process consulting. We will make sure that your company is continuously evolving and comfortable with rapid growth.

We do have a $500/mo SLA support tier though it does not allow us to give the proper level of support required for growth so it is more of an edge-case option if we can give enough value through automation alone.


Customer success and value creation

Client Testimonials

Automation Examples

Best practices for automating Copper

Won Opportunity

Closed A Deal With Customer

Sync Customer Data

Create Customer in Invoicing Software

Invoice Customer

Creates & Sends Invoice to Customer

Create Project

Add Customer to Project Pipeline

Simply mark an opportunity as "Won" in your CRM:

  1. Eliminate repetative data syncing between your CRM & invoicing software.
  2. Never again forget to collect a project payment.
Project Completed

Finished Project with Customer

Ask For Review

Send Email to Customer Asking for an Online Review

Delay & Check For Approval

Delay 10 Days & Check CRM for "Thank You Letter" Approval

Send Thank You

If Approved, Automatically Send Handwritten Thank You Letter to Customer

Simply mark a project as "Complete" in your CRM:

  1. Never again forget to ask your customers for an online review, the lifeblood of any business.
  2. Show your customers how much you appreciate their business by sending a handwritten thank you letter; automatically.

Integration Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying


With team Copper

December 05, 2018

Copper CEO Jon Lee

In today’s episode of Analysis Paralysis, I’ll be talking with Jon Lee, the Founder and CEO of Copper. Since it first launched back in 2013, Copper has been one of the fastest-growing customer relationship management systems on the market with over $87m in venture backing. They’re also now the #1 recommended CRM for G Suite.

Serial entrepreneur by trade, Jon started Copper (formerly ProsperWorks) to give every company tools they will actually use to help them prosper. Jon started in investment banking at Merrill Lynch, moved to run a large operations team at Yahoo, and later founded Bazaar Advertising Solutions and DNA Games, acquired by Epic Media Group and Zynga, respectively. Jon holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley and currently resides in Hillsborough, CA with his wife, two daughters and son. He's a big fan of aquariums and is known for his epic all hands speeches.

Over the course of the episode, Jon will take us through his journey of entrepreneurialism and past business ventures, offer tips on how to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise while building a business, and how to manifest destiny to achieve your goals in life.

This is an episode that I had been looking forward to recording for many months, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed conducting it!

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October 03, 2018

Talking Copper (Formerly ProsperWorks CRM) with Brittany Perez

Wanting to run or work for a startup is a common goal nowadays. New companies are launched all the time, led by founders who hope to move quickly and grow fast. But as we all know, not all are successful. Why is this? Why do some succeed and others fail?

Brittany Perez, who leads the account management team at Copper, is familiar with these questions. She left a comfortable position at a well-known company (Intuit) to work at Copper, and since joining the team, they’ve grown from 28 employees to hundreds, and have raised just under $100M in venture backing.

In this episode, Brittany discusses: why she decided to leave Intuit for the risky startup space and take a chance on Copper; the difficulties female sales representatives must face in a heavily male-dominated space; and what made her fall in love with Copper after using Salesforce for most of her career.

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With team Copper

Integration & Automation Webinar w/ Copper (ProsperWorks) & Zapier

Timestamps from the webinar:

  • 14:01 - CyberBytes Background & Overview
  • 16:02 - Why Copper (ProsperWorks) & Using the Right Tool for the Job
  • 20:12 - Preferred Software & Use-Cases
  • 22:47 - Copper (ProsperWorks) + Harvest + Slack Integration
  • 24:59 - Managing Inbound Marketing & Leads in Copper (ProsperWorks)
  • 25:40 - Automated Email Marketing Based on Sales Process
  • 27:26 - Copper (ProsperWorks) + Support Desk + Project Management Integration
  • 31:02 - Copper (ProsperWorks) + QuickBooks Online Integration
  • 32:38 - Tips & Tricks
  • 36:18 - Q&A