Making Copper Work for You


The problem we're solving


Software companies used to take an all-in-one approach to building business solutions due to high startup cost due to servers and scalability. With the rise of the cloud (affordable and scalable servers), there has been a rise in Software as a Service, allowing for software companies to niche down and focus on being the best tool for the job.

This is where Copper was born, from inception, focusing on being the best CRM for companies using G Suite (Google). Through their unique partnership with Google and Google's full backing, there is no one better to take on this initiative.

The Problem

The difficulty that this introduces is that other business critical functions like document e-signature (PandaDoc), VoIP/business telephone (Dialpad), project management (Asana), invoicing (QBO), communication (Slack), and scheduling (Calendly), are a layer removed from the customer's core system (Copper).

Moving to a world where companies are using upwards of 20 different SaaS for various internal functions across their entire organization has put an immense strain on their staff. It has introduced constant context-switching, data integrity concerns, and less cross-company reporting capabilities.

Eventually, clients feel pressure to switch to an all-in-one solution like Salesforce as they understand it is the only way to solve this painpoint.

Our Solution

Part product (Automation/Integration + Maintenance) & Part Consulting

We make Copper work for you. We build automations that allow your team to speak to your other systems without leaving Copper. Our automations extensify out to all of these external tools and even report back to Copper when they need to throughout the sales/onboarding/project management processes.

You are using Copper because it does relationship management better than any other system. Why leave to an inferior all-in-one tool when you can make the one that you love work for you?

Business Process Consulting

I want our company to be efficient and scalable

What Is Process Consulting?

Whether they realize it or not, every business has a set of processes and procedures by which they operate. They may not be refined or documented, but they exist. We will work with you to bring to light your existing processes, suggest new ones, and make them all integrate more deeply with your software.

Do I Need This?

Imagine your company at twice its current size:

  1. Would your current systems be stressed to the max, or even break?
  2. Would existing inefficiencies and problems currently held together by patchwork solutions be amplified?
  3. Would there be a significant dropoff in production if you or a top employee is unable to work?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes,' then we're here to help you implement certain processes and put systems in place to lay the groundwork needed to properly scale.

Business Process Success Stories


I need to be able to reference how our systems work

Why Document

Documenting processes in an accessible location is as important as creating the processes themselves. If they can't be referenced, they may be forgotten or misremembered. This could cause issues when:

  1. Hiring and training new employees
  2. Building new automations
  3. Making improvements to existing automations
  4. Troubleshooting
Do I Need This?

Take a look at the following questions and see if any resonate with you:

  1. Do your employees have their own way of doing things?
  2. Are your processes documented in multiple areas? (E.g. Some on Google Docs/Keep, others on Post-it Notes, and the rest in your head)
  3. Do you plan on implementing automations to scale your business?
  4. If you answer 'yes' to any of them, we can help you put all your processes in one central, accessible location to make them easy to reference and adhere to.

Documentation Examples

Won Opportunity

Closed A Deal With Customer

Sync Customer Data

Create Customer in Invoicing Software

Invoice Customer

Creates & Sends Invoice to Customer

Create Project

Add Customer to Project Pipeline

Simply mark an opportunity as "Won" in your CRM:

  1. Eliminate repetative data syncing between your CRM & invoicing software.
  2. Never again forget to collect a project payment.
Project Completed

Finished Project with Customer

Ask For Review

Send Email to Customer Asking for an Online Review

Delay & Check For Approval

Delay 10 Days & Check CRM for "Thank You Letter" Approval

Send Thank You

If Approved, Automatically Send Handwritten Thank You Letter to Customer

Simply mark a project as "Complete" in your CRM:

  1. Never again forget to ask your customers for an online review, the lifeblood of any business.
  2. Show your customers how much you appreciate their business by sending a handwritten thank you letter; automatically.

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